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A1. Gyoza Deep-fried pot stickers (3pcs) $2.95
A2. Steam Gyoza (3pcs)  $2.95
A3. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura picture   Deep-friend shrimp & vegetable (2pcs)  $2.95
A4. Yakitori  Broiled chicken on a skewer with sauce (4pcs)  $2.95
A5. Seasoned Tofu  Tofu with spicy soy sauce (5pcs) $2.95
A6. Agedashi Tofu  Deep-fried tofu with tempura sauce (5pcs)   $2.95
A7. Edamame picture  broiled green soybeans  $2.95
A8. Sunomono  Shrimp & cucumber in lemon dressing  $2.95
A9.  Soft Shell Crab  Deep-fried soft shell crab with special sauce  $2.95
A10. Crab Tempura  deep- fried soft shell crab with special sauce  $2.95
A11.  Tako Salad  Marinated octopus salad with lemon dressing  $3.95
A12. Baked Green Mussels  Broiled with dynamite sauce (2pcs)  $3.95
A13. Simple Sashimi  Tuna & yellowtail (1+1) pcs $3.95
A14. Tuna Salad  Seared tuna with saute garlic and special sauce (4pcs)  $3.95
A15. Chicken Katsu  Deep-fried chicken with katsu sauce (5pcs)  $2.95
A16. Shrimp Katsu  Deep-fried shrimp with katsu sauce (2pcs)  $2.95
A17. Calamari Special  Fried-calamari with special sauce (4pcs) $2.95
A18. Chicken Karage  Lightly fried marinated chicken morsels (3pcs)  $2.95
A19. Sumai  Steam shrimp dumpling (3pcs)  $2.95
A20. Ramune Drink camera Japanese Sprite  $2.95


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